Almudena Falagán – Su Obra

Papeles pintados


I use the notebook to write and draw.

In the notebooks thoughts and ideas which have a parallel action with painting, drawing or illustration are remade. They include notes, graphics, intimate and daily notes. They are stimulating and explain things without words. It is the most realistic way to preserve the memory of all that is happening. It has the impulse and the freshness of being a work tool.

The notebook is an important element in my career since during the education period I used it as a tool and afterwards during my highschool education it was a research item, because some of my notebooks have been object of exhibitions or mentioned in tenders. I have also included them as a work tool in painting or monographic sessions.

… I do not know how to justify painting, if it is not able to do so by itself. Drawing is a kind of exercise and a workart comes up, painting is like a competition that I never win […]

You can compare painting with time, with a growing plant or with love… at the end everything comes to be the same, but in a different way.